We hold wine-tasting tours for groups of 15-20 people in our wine-tasting cellar based on prior appointment.

Our valued guests can taste 5-6 wine types from the award-winning Badacsony wines of protected designation of origin in the cellar.

Our winemaker expert shares information about Saint George Hill, the region, the grapes grown here, as well as the wines prepared by our winery and the technology.

We can offer three types of cold plates to accompany the wines.

-“A” menu                         Price:  3.600 HUF /person

Cold mixed platter of homemade smoked delicacies (sausage, salami, ham, cheese, vegetables and cracklings)

-“B” menu                          Price: 3.900 HUF /person

A platter of fries:  Pork chops from Csaba, chicken leg fillet, fried pork ribs, chicken breast in batter with onion and potato salad

-“C” menu                          Price: 3.900 HUF /person

Grilled chicken breast, grilled pork chops – steak potatoes – with fresh salad and yogurt dressing

Those who cannot go home can sleep in the guesthouse next to the wine-tasting cellar.

We are expecting you with great pleasure!

In case you would like to buy wine on the spot, please call this phone number:   06 70 503-3510